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Six (season 1)
In the center of the series - the daily lives of the prestigious unit "seals" under the name "Team 6". Most data members of the military fraternity participated in the most difficult missions, including the physical elimination of the leader of "Al
Vikings (season 4)
Norwegian legend says that Ragnar Lodbrok was one of the most a legendary people. He was strong enough and brave to unite the Viking tribes and become their King. The legend has it that Ragnar has been the descendant of the god war. He was the one
Real Vikings (season 1)
There are rumors about the strength and character of the people called vikings. Under their onslaught destroyed the most powerful nations. No one could survive in the battle against them. About the inhabitants of the north went to the fascinating,
Country, Channel: Canada, HISTORY
Genres: Documentary
Roots (season 1)
Events of this series send the viewers back into the eighteenth century. The script tells the story full of drama and tragedy. The plot is connected with the life of American writer Alex Haley and his family, who have experienced an incredible lot

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